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she was swathed in a dark, coarse cloak that scratched at his forearms when she brushed against him.

sio-heartless:  profile

sio-heartless: profile

Sly as a Thief — misanthropicmessiah: Gareth Pugh

⋆☾ Lιвerтy ғor wolveѕ ιѕ deαтн тo тнe lαмвѕ.☽⋆

“I like living in my head because in there, everyone is kind and innocent. Once you start integrating yourself into the world, you realize that people are nasty, mean creatures.



too busy being a bad bitch

Ari wearing a black wig.



The Lost Cosmonaut

A view into the mind of my OCs. Characters are under the tabs listed alphabetically, with Shifters.

we are made of stardust

Black chic.

Black chic.

| ♦cM

Lady knight in cloak and chainmail

Vera Inspiration

we are made of stardust


whatisajanis: Boris Bidjan Saberi A/W 2012

☽Something Wicked☾

I’ve had enough of this drudgery and mundane existence. Lets bring some magic into this place! The Astronomy: 212 Medea is a very large main-belt asteroid that was discovered by Johann Palis…

Minus the cross, but very PLUS the open weave sweater/shawl!

**The whole look is lovely** Minus the cross, but very PLUS the open weave sweater/shawl!