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Zoom tendance déco : planter une plante dans une tasse !

Winter's dry air and cold weather can leave your throat raw. But relief for that scratchy throat is no farther than your kitchen cabinets.

Gufram Cactus Guido Drocco Franco Mello /// Wanderlust 2014 interior design trends

Wanderlust is one of the hottest interior design trends

Installation with hallstands Cactus from Guido Drocco and Franco Mello, 1971 for Gufram © Aldo Ballo + Marirosa Toscani Ballo, Milano, 1973

Pretty sure this little friend needs to live in my life.  Cactus Deer Head Planter

Ashy’s Desert Nomad Bedroom Makeover Reveal

These DIY mid century planners well your turn your home to a chic desert get away with the colors.

DIY Mid Century Planters

These DIY mid century planters well your turn your home to a chic desert get away with the colors.

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White Walls In Hallway + Industrial Chandelier + House Plant Snake Plant + Tall Cactus = A Cactus Short Of A Tequila Shot

Portugese porcelain wall vases by Otchipotchi

Otchipotchi Porcelain Vases from Portugal