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FreshFaced+WildEyed new talent photographic exhibition starts in a month... so start planning your London Trip.... http://www.aqnb.com/2012/08/19/freshfacedwildeyed-2012/

22 lucky graduates are part of this year's FreshFaced & WildEyed photographic exhibition, the annual exhibition that showcases the work of recent

@_WhiteCube @ Hoton square is about to close its doors, but not without a last one! Harland Miller and his cinematic Penguins for a goodbye opens tomorrow http://www.aqnb.com/2012/11/07/the-next-lifes-on-me-white-cube-london/

The Next Life’s on Me @ White Cube – London

Niyaz Najafov

Whether Niyaz Najafov is Francis Bacon´s or Goya´s true new successor is secondary, you may agree with the Huffington Post writer Lorenzo Belenguer´s judgement, but in any case the new expo @ centr…

Linus Bill + Adrien Horni, Gemaelde

Linus Bill + Adrien Horni, Gemaelde

hey #Parisians! This is your month of photography right? and #OFF proposes some really good shows like "Profits r a distraction" @jeuneCréation http://www.aqnb.com/2012/11/03/profits-are-a-distraction-jeune-creation-paris/

Profits are a distraction @ Jeune Création – Paris

Lost & found, deconstructed & reconstructed @dayandgluckman 's new curated group exhibition: New Foragers http://www.aqnb.com/2012/09/30/new-foragers-collyer-bristow-gallery-london/ opening next Wed

New Foragers @ Collyer Bristow Gallery – London

& 4 the next week in LDN we propose U a great opening and comeback: Michael Joaquin Grey's new works @CarrollFletcher http://www.aqnb.com/2013/01/06/orange-between-orange-and-orange-carrollfletcher-london/

It’s been a while since Michael Joaquin Grey last exhibited in London with a solo expo… 20 years is quite a long time actually, and the inventor and toy designer has had a lot of time t…

Luxury Den Cocktail Advantures: Bar du Bristol | 52 Martinis- the search for the best cocktails in Paris   #Cocktails #Bars #Adventure #Travel #Paris #52Martinis

Bar du Bristol: Paris’ Best Cocktails in a Luxury Hotel

On occasional Fridays, I turn over 52 Martinis to five other Paris personalities to get their take on the city’s best bars. This week, some of my favorite Paris Experts share their preferred…

Anne et Patrick Poirier : "La Colonne Brisée", Aire de Suchères

Anne et Patrick Poirier : "La Colonne Brisée", Aire de Suchères

our #Paris reco. for next week brings Aurore Pallet's dark paintings to the city centre. A good jump into the unknown which opens @ Galerie Isabelle Gounod next Saturday http://www.aqnb.com/event/lhypothese-des-halos-non-lumineux-galerie-gounod-paris/

If on their January exhibition on Thomas Lévy-Lasne we were attracted to GG by his voyeuristic take on the banal day-to-day life activities it seems we won’t be able to ignore their new propo…