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creepypasta family...when they are not hunting

Slender's day off, I think smile dog is laying on top of the rake. There's so many creepypasta references :) so dang hot

Hoodie vs Jeff [part 2]

Effective Revenge by UmmuVonNadia on deviantART Hoodies just sitting there like "Stfu jeff"

you_are_in_my_game_now_by_kawacy-d7jz7y6.jpg (1000×2978)

you_are_in_my_game_now_by_kawacy-d7jz7y6.jpg (1000×2978)

Adventures With Jeff The Killer - PAGE 8 by Sapphiresenthiss on deviantART

And here is page number 3 I'm sorry for the fact it's just a single picture. But it's kind of introduction to the comic. Next pages will be "normal" comic pages, with panels, speech bubbles and all.

creepy pasta operator symbol SFX makeup by domosmoustache ❤ liked on Polyvore featuring beauty products and makeup

creepy pasta: operator symbol SFX makeup maybe for Cosplay or something you guys would want.- I would go to school and freak people out with this

Desde ese dia nadie volcio a ver a laughing jack señores

Sweet gift for Jeff by Ashiva-K-I on DeviantArt Jacky is such a sweet heart!

I don't know if I should laugh at this page... or feel sorry for Jackie... For all of you guys who will think "Aww, how sweet, Jeff finally agreed!" - he didn't agree because he liked/loved L.J. He...

Adventures With Jeff The Killer - PAGE 48 by Sapphiresenthiss We all know that jeff is gonna win