armor, future army, military, future soldier, cyberpunk


armor, future army, military, future soldier, cyberpunk

Futuristic Metal Gear soldier

Future Soldier, Stefan Celic on ArtStation

the_guys_no_2_by_pjacubinas-d367g7i.png 1,008×906 pixels

another light and texture test in daz studio model, uzilite armor.

J.M. Schwedt

Concept Art for Whispers in the Night by Juan Manuel Schwedt…

joseborges-1439502378.jpg (1200×1600)

joseborges-1439502378.jpg (1200×1600)

Kraut Space Magic — crassetination: Various Cyber Soldiers 132

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Soldier by MichaelSchneider

Inspiration for EDF soldier equipped for desert combat

::Future soldier concepts:: Sci-fi Character Concepts created using Kitbashing/Photobashing techniques in order to achieve high quality work, and generate ideas in a short amount of time.



Archive007, Artem Khorchev

You may think this is just harmless sci-fi fiction. But the reality is that this is the Dystopian future they have planned for some of us as Sirian/Orion ET Alliance cyborg (human/machine hybrid)Trans humanist super soldiers. but you do have a choice.

tumblr_mpbuagTvJD1roymnwo1_1280.jpg (632×878)

Sebots by gamka

sekigan:  sylvain mad さんの Sylvain Mad - Cyberpunk ボードのピン | Pinterest

Gavin Rothery - Directing - Concept - VFX - Home

Game Art, Projects To Try, Playroom Art

NKS Mini Mech by Richie Mason. (via ArtStation - NKS Mini Mech, Richie mason)

NKS Mini Mech, Richie mason on ArtStation at…

N-gage on Behance

N-gage by Riyahd Cassiem

Salvage Suit, Stefan Misirdzhiev on ArtStation at

What started as a simple helmet design done in my spate time quickly expanded when I bashed in some old unused meshes I had lying around. With the challenge being to design a helmet with a large visor that doesn't automatically look like from Halo.