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Skull & roses

CARPE DIEM - Roses Skull Tatoo -skull art print Wall Art Book Print on Vintage Dictionary Page,decor poster art

Chinese Opera

Chinese Opera

Traditional outfit

“The Peking Opera” – lensed by Kiki Xue captures Chinese opera costumes for Harper's Bazaar China, May featuring Beijing opera singers and beauty Wangy Xin Yu

Vintage Book Print - Skull flower collage Print on Vintage Book. $7.99, via Etsy.

Skull with flowers collage art ,Wall decor Skull flower collage Print on Vintage Book,giclee print , Skull art

Monkey King

The Monkey King: Sun WuKong of China has to be a favorite trickster of mine (might have something to do with the fact my Chinese zodiac is the Monkey), his tale is told in a story called Journey to the West which is actually about the spread of Buddhism.

W u X i a — CUG: King of Heroes : Hero is Back (2015) 西游记之大圣归来

W u X i a — CUG: King of Heroes : Hero is Back (2015) 西游记之大圣归来

Nimit Malavia

Nimit Malavia "In The Hall of the Monkey King" carbon, graphite, ink, acrylic, colored pencil and gouache on duralar and Watercolor paper x

Creative Art by Tian Hua Xu

Land god is a gnome old man, In 《Journey To The West》. Every mountain or land have their land god. The monkey king usually ask them. Monkey and the land god