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VSCO editing stuff❤️ by me

VSCO editing stuff❤️ by me

+ — #dopefilterssfeaturepost — #dopefilterssvscocam free filter ❕similar to her new filter and is great for basic/neutral colours. - ✨ ps: A6 is in "the aesthetic series" pack which is free in the vsco store - #qotd: whose filter would you like me to reveal? (i lost the list oops) - [ this is based of @filtrsbyvsco version except I changed a few settings. gr8 acc u should go follow it ]

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free filter❕Here is a beautiful theming filter. Looks best with orange, pink, blue, white, tan, black, and brown. It gives a nice blue tint, but it also brings in some purple and pink with the tint and shadows. #vscofilters4u

Resultado de imagem para filtros do vsco coloridos


In love with this filter! Looks awesome on any type of picture but may vary depending on the quality :-) // kristy

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《VSCOCAM調色教學》 APP:VSCO ♡這個色調真的很夢幻~~但是有點忘記以前有沒有分享過建議是陽光下的照片會更美☀️(使用的照片是直接拍攝沒加特效的喲!) --- F2+12 Exposure曝光+1 Temperature色溫-2 Saturation飽和度+2 Shadows save陰影補償+12 Highlights save高亮減淡+12 --- #vscocam #filter_i_use