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An aircraft carrier helicopter accident. Note the crew member on one of the broken rotors at the lower center.

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Karas by ~dokarola on deviantART

The propeller on the inboard engine of their plane spun off while on a bombing run over Japan. It hit the outboard engine and knocked it out, too. The Superfortress had to fly the 700 miles back to Iwo Jima on two engines.



Polikarpov Republicano

Italian/German & Soviet "Lent" "Cough" Aircraft of the Spanish Civil War. In reality these were more like convenient field-tests.

B-24 caught just at the moment of crashing during Operation Market Garden, Holland Sept 1944.

caught just at the moment of crash landing during Operation Market Garden, Sept 1944 Holland.

Samoloty 11 eskadry liniowej – Karasie PZL P 23B na lotnisku w Lidzie, 1938 r.

11 Squadron aircraft PZL carp lining on Deals, 1939

british-eevee: “ English Electric Lightnings in formation ”

british-eevee: “English Electric Lightnings in formation ”

PZL P-23 Karaś

PZL P-23 Karaś