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Design d'intérieur - "Déambulations" - Frédérique Breuillé

"Déambulations" Frédérique Breuillé 2012 - like how the audience has to walk over the work to engage and the sense of touch

hanne friis

Hanne Friis Light Stream, 2013 Bleached canvas, handseam, folding and stitiching technique give it an organically textural feel.


Serena Garcia Dalla Venezia.

Chilean textile artist Serena Garcia Dalla Venezia creates thoughtfully composed arrangements of hand-sewn fabric balls, producing texture and depth by grouping together dozens of differently sized and shaped spheres.

Architextile is the collection of three dimensional weave structures by textile designer Aleksandra Gaca. Her research into the technical possibilities and applications of dimensional textile resulted this time in surprising combinations of contrasts. Contrasts in material, matte next to shining, hard next to soft, but also concerning content. High tech in combination with natural materials, technical next to more traditional solutions, and a cool, detached character versus warm and…

Costumes/textiles: three dimensional weave structures by textile designer Aleksandra Gaca

Anna Kubinyi, Thousand Year Old Tree, textile art..

Anna Kubinyi, Artist, Thousand Year Old Tree, textile picture, Photo: Gabor Kubinyi

Fabric manipulation and textile design - crazy pleats - giles miler

Textiles Design - creative fabric manipulation with hand-sewn fabric, cut & opened up to form dimensional patterns in the surface // Giles Miller Studio

artpropelled:  Dorothy Caldwell

Dorothy Caldwell is an American artist whose textile work refers to landscape. Her wrokshop at the Schweinfurth was one I won't forget. She is an impressive, energetic visionary;