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Pen and ink techniques by Claudia Nice from her book: Painting Weathered Buildings in Pen, Ink & Watercolor

Drawing Techniques: An example of hatching, cross-hatching, contour hatching, scumbling and stippling

Creating value in pen and ink drawings: learn how to create value in texture in your pen and ink drawings. This page demonstrates 5 simple, basic ink drawing techniques!


examples of hatching and cross-hatching. As can be seen in these drawings, hatching creates tonal or shading effects by drawing parallel lines close to one another, while cross-hatching uses two layers of hatching to form a mesh-like pattern.

Albrecht Dürer - Die Geburt Christi

Albrecht Dürer, The Nativity ------ This is an AWESOME website that had worksheets, videos, and everything to do with shading techniques using pen and ink. CurkovicArtUnits / "Make You Mark" - Line Drawings

Herbert Railton

Rather than shading with one large line across the image, the smaller flowing lines draw the viewers eyes around the architectural form.