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That switched eye wink can kinda throw you a little without you actually realizing why.  "Is there... did something different just happen...?"

Hohooo I never noticed that. Maybe because I couldn't really see during the genocide run cause I was crying all the time. It's burning in hell, not rotting.


ir-dr: “ Day 1769 - 12 November 2015 You feel like you’re going to have a Bad Time .

Art By *LAZUEN And Effect By Me!! ~~ (UT) UnderFell! Sans

Art By *LAZUEN And Effect By Me!! ~~ (UT) UnderFell! Sans

HoI! Pls halp TEm! TeM is stuk under da surfbord WOAWOAWOA


Ruins Snowdin waterfall hotlands above land undertale characters Frisk Sans Papyrus Toriel Asgore Mettaton Alphys Undyne

#wattpad #random sans

❤Los Opuestos Se Atraen ❤ Sans Y Tu❤ ( Undertale)❤ - Capitulo 5

I am so sorry you guys. I will get back to the usual environment paintings and illustrations in a second. for now, you guys are also subjected to my cheesy as heck undertale/sans hell feelings.

Bratty & Catty

undertale doodles~ I think the outfit of Bruno Mars in the Uptown Funk music video would be suitable for Mettaton.

The eight humans by AdorningMoon on DeviantArt

U can see how they r there the 7 souls ( 6 Without Frisk XD u could probably find dat out without my help XD )