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boutique dans le 20ème

boutique dans le 20ème


A space to relax outdoors amongst the trees! Love this idea for a basic platform tree house. You could get a big tarp to cover the blankets and pillows when the tree house is not in use.

prius-tiny-house-02 - All in all, the tiny home cost Lawler about $150 and took him one week to build.

Prius owners love this! Landscaper James Lawler converted the back of his Toyota Prius into one of the tiniest of mobile homes of all time for one. He built it using scraps he scavenged and reclaim.

boutique dans le 6ème

boutique dans le 6ème

Victorian birdhouse

Inspirational Factors -Creative -Fairy tale like - Dark -Peaceful I feel like this concept is very inventive. I feel like it's a new take on the idea of a treehouse. The design seemed to have a Gothic style garden in mind.


Inside this angular burnt-timber sauna by Canadian studio Partisans a cavernous cedar interior emulates the form of a seaside grotto.

Redsands WWII Maunsell Sea Forts by ricksphotos101, via Flickr

Maunsell Sea Forts, North Sea, England – These were designed to protect England from a potential Nazi invasion during WWII. Today, they’re empty and provide an eerie silhouette over the ocean’s horizon.

Tadashi Kawamata

Tadashi Kawamata- Japanese artist installation in Paris, artist says he made this piece in response to the natural disaster in Japan. He heard about all the trash floating in the water during the tsunami, and he came up with this!

Treehouse Djuren by Baumraum

This Modern Treehouse in Germany Is Seriously Cool Take a look inside this German treehouse constructed of minimalist elements and materials such as glass, metal, steel and wood.

One Second . Photo by Mathieu Pernot

Going out with a BANG Last moments of the Four Seasons Hotel in Maputo, Mozambique Photo: Ian

Art Kawamata Tadashi , modern art

Kawamata's work transcends the art context and extends to fields such as architecture and city planning, history, sociology, everyday communication, and even

Tree Huts

2008 Installation in situ Wood, sheets of steel and windows View of the exhibition «Tree huts