SasuSaku family - not a total fan of them but their fan art is incredible!

SasuSaku family - I rather have this than narusaku cuz hinata deserves naruto

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Sasuke and Sakura Couple < SasuSaku… This is sooo powerful! ♥ Its is so damn powerful

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"You know the funny thing about black and white, is when you mix it you get gray. And it doesn't matter how much white or black you add, because nothing overpowers the gray.

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" Sakura asked softly, her heart beating butterflies in her chest. Those mismatched eyes observed her expression with practiced ease as he simply said, "If you'd like.

Sasusaku #Naruto

I wanted Sakura to be to Naruto since I wanted him to be happy~ but Hinata can love him much more. And after exploring the interweb, Sasusaku!