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Yin - Yang by *JessiBeans on deviantART

Yin - Yang

Yin - Yang by JessiBeans Yin & Yang as Chaos vs. Creation, one weaving the tapestry of the world on a loom made from the other, the other one consuming everything

Daenith the Shadow Sister, sister of Locien

Saheara was beautiful, she had pale white skin and floral delicate patterns up her face. He eyes were a bright blue, and her hair a navy. She wore a band around her head with a blue stone placed in the center.

Dragon-A-Day 057 - Ember by Mythka

Theme: Elementals February 26 - Ember Elemental This dragon belongs to Attsos Visit my Patreon to become a patron and suppo. Dragon-A-Day 057 - Ember


She bent to drink water and white magic sprang from the water. life of the water is what she was seeing.

Fairy Art

Fairy Art

bluepueblo:  Dark Castle, San Marino, Italy photo via colleen

Dark Castle, San Marino, Italy photo via colleen. loved walking the tops of the castle walls in San Marino.


I crave faeries, magic, and incredible possibilities. As a child a painted a giant faerie next to my bed. I crave the freedom and beauty of faeries. I crave their mischievousness and delight in living.

A purple, mystic unicorn. I think unicorns are real, but this is the most beauteous one I've laid eyes on. I think she totally deserves to be on this Mystic Tiger board of mine. She's really cool and really pretty and I hope everyone will pin her because I cannot keep her to myself. I need to share the magic. The magic of the beautiful purple unicorn. See you soon! Bye <3!

This is not a mythical unicorn - look at the eyes. Infinite kindness, infinite wisdom, infinite sorrow and infinite purpose.

Randal Spangler Coffee Dragons - Yahoo Image Search Results

Randal Spangler Coffee Dragons - Yahoo Image Search Results