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Les bienfaits de la bave d'escargot... Encore mieux quand la bave est récoltée dans le respect de l'animal

Santé : les bienfaits inattendus de la bave d'escargot

For most people, snails are associated with French cuisine and slime trails on pavements. But according to the UK’s biggest snail farmer, they’re increasingly being used in film and TV.

Ganz schön mutig

There is an elegance and beauty in this snail on a closed tulip.

I hate to be unnecessarily negative and stuff, but good golly, can people just eat a stinking pickle? An avocado is never going to give the crunch that I must assume one enjoys with pickle eating...although admittedly I do not know because I do not enjoy pickle consumption myself. It's crap like this...and beet eating...that probably put people in the horribly bad moods they so often find themselves in!!

Macro snail - the new name for really huge Neverending Story big snail.

˚Liguus fasciatus a Cuban snail

Liguus fasciatus a Cuban snail that went unrecorded for several decades

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When the word "snail" is used in this most general sense, it includes not just land snails but also thousands of species of sea snails and freshwater snails.

Golden snail✖️ SNAILS More Pins Like This At #FOSTERGINGER @ Pinterest

Golden snail✖️ SNAILS More Pins Like This At #FOSTERGINGER @ Pinterest