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Gutenberg. Paris

Gutenberg library in Paris, makes you want to be at the library

Bohemian White and Natural Color Tent

Amazing Blanket Fort Ideas

Love the simplicity of a plain teepee with colourful rugs and bunting - would look great with a kilim rug on the floor

The Garden Library for the Migrant Communities and Neighborhoods of South Tel Aviv. The library services hundreds of residents of this under-privileged yet unique multi-cultural neighborhood. It is operated by around 100 volunteers, and includes, in addition to an active library, a children's after-school program and an active education center that offers a rich curriculum of cultural events and courses. The library contains approximately 3,500 books in 16 different languages.

The Levinski Garden Library, Tel Aviv.Designed to serve refugees and migrant workers in Israel, The Levinski Garden Library is an outdoor facility with books in fifteen languages, located in the Tel Aviv park where those populations gather.

Escuela en el parque, Zaragoza. Arq. Santiago Carroquino Larraz.

Escuela en el parque, Zaragoza. Arq. Santiago Carroquino Larraz.


Hina Matsuri, Girl's Day in japan. Mobiles are called Tsurushi-Bina. All hand made and quite expensive.

Transparent Collage on Glass by Tang Kwok-hin - Faith is Torment

Transparent Collage on Glass by Tang Kwok-hin. Transparent images on glass creating this town is very creative

Картинки по запросу современные библиотеки

Картинки по запросу современные библиотеки

This has hubby written all over it. Except the last one. He definitely does not miss small town living.

23 Things That Suck About Living In A Small Town In Rural America

Regardless, deep down you know that being from a small town is something to be proud of. This reminds me of main street in my hometown.

Attic library - LOVE.  My space would be just about exactly like this - minus the pendant light.

Attic Idea: I love the idea for an impromptu library. Good use of space if you don't have an extra room in your house for one.

Our client is fascinated with innovation and discovering new ways of working. The office is broken into 2 primary spaces – work and play, but the lines often blur. The main work area was conceived as a common table that has been contorted to fit wit

Davidov Partners' clever fit-out for Hardhat Digital features a single worktable shared by everyone and a reception area that looks like a basketball court.


5 Escritórios que Fariam Você Acordar Sorrindo na Segunda-Feira