Peinture - medium Huile - Judith St-Hilaire

Peinture - medium Huile - Judith St-Hilaire

Le gîte ensoleillé ~~ Memories of the old shed. There was a tree stump in front, where Grandpa chopped off the chickens heads (chicken every Sunday for dinner). I used to watch in horror.

Johan Messely

Johan Messely's oil paintings are sunny and colourful, and depict optimism and the joy of life. They can be descibed as figurative art, but with an impressionistic touch.

Cuadros colores vivos

An Oil painting I imagine this is an old walkway in Italy, a place where children run, people ride bicycles, lovers stroll and where songs of praise are sung casually by people passing through on the way to church.


Johan Messely painter (Belgian, born "Un nouveau printemps"