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Jell-O Garden Salad Ring Recipe from "Good Housekeeping" | September 1952

Here's a delightful recipe from Jello for Lemon gelatine with cabbage, radishes, eggs and chives. (Good Housekeeping, December "Who could say 'no' to a salad like this?" Uh, ME.

"This new-look way with ground beef...Beef is seasoned and stuffed into a hollowed-out jumbo cabbage, then steamed. Cut into wedges for serving, and top with gravy."

Ground beef steamed inside a hollowed-out jumbo cabbage. This does not look even remotely like ground beef. Looks like a big ball of liverwurst.

Tomato Ham Buffet Ring! Another of many midcentury molds.. ❤️

Just when you thought Tomatoes and Gelatin couldn't become a more evil pairing.A HAM & TOMATO JELLO RING!

calls for "emergency aspic", non specific mushrooms...because in the 60's all mushrooms were button or hallucinogenic

calls for "emergency aspic", non specific mushrooms.because in the all mushrooms were button or hallucinogenic

Calico Slaw ~ lemon gelatin, tomato juice, onion salt, mayo, cabbage, celery, green pepper, pimiento

Chronically Vintage: Ten terrific vintage vegetarian recipes (that are ideal for summer!)sub agar

Isn't this just insult upon injury for the poor pig? The Noel Glazed Ham | 20 Truly Horrifying Vintage Holiday Recipes

The Noel Glazed Ham

Worst Holiday Meals/Appetizers/Recipes Ever! The Christmas-y Holiday Noel Glazed Ham.Ah, the Glaze was the thing back in the day, I guess.

Have Yourself a Merry Jello Fruitcake...

See-Through Christmas fruit cake - an unholy mash-up of fruitcake and jello salad

Color Vintage Photo: Olive rainbow cake. Thick cream cheese over thick layers of layered thick stuff.

The Rainbow Cookies look OK, but do not be deceived by the round thing at the top. It is a dreadful Rainbow Sandwich Loaf, gaily decorated with the usual pimentos and stuffed olives.

Salmon ShortCake (1954) | Mid-Century Menu (Shortcakes and Pies BHG Aug 1954001)

Salmon Shortcake – 1954

Salmon Shortcake – 1954 december 2013 by retroruth 4 comments Campbell’s Ad in Better Homes & Gardens, 1954