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13 Simple Tips To Get And Maintain Thick Hair
1. Tie all of your hair back away from the facial area 2. Steam face to open your pores (or take a hot shower) 3. On clean skin, apply your mixture of honey and lemon all over 4. Let the mask sink in for 20 minutes (take a cat nap!) 5. Wash off with warm water and a final splash of cold water to close pores - Click image to find more Hair  Beauty Pinterest pins
Nos astuces contre les cernes !
31 Powerful Home Remedies For Hair Growth That Work Wonders
Is your hair falling out? Mine was! Horrible!!! I started using iodine and now my hair is thick and healthy. #lifesaver
Découvrez le pouvoir des huiles! Patricia Lachance, journaliste du magazine @Elle Québec  nous parle des merveilles que nous pouvons parfois trouver dans notre garde-manger!
3 Ways To Repair Hair Breakages At-Home [Infographic] - Click image to find more hair posts