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A typical landsknecht pikeman. After the fall of Charles the Bold of Burgundy at the hands of the Swiss, the Holy Roman Empire took notice of the latter's methods. Maximillian I melded mercenaries into a mainly Germanic version of the Swiss into "servants of the country" or "landsknechts".  These formations broke the Swiss monopoly on reliable infantry, and this lead to intense enmity between the two.   Osprey Publishing/Gerry Embleton.

Patterning Contrasts - how to add third color ? Courtly Lives - The Knecht/Knight Family - Page 1 (gen

TOM swordsmen

1501 Hans Burckmaier - Triumph of Emperor Maximilian I, King of Hungary, Dalmatia and Croatia, Archduke of Austria. PAGE 21 detail - dopplesoldner

Zeugbuch Kaiser Maximilians I [Book of Emperor Maximilian's Stuff?], BSB Cod.icon.222, 72r, c. 1502; Landsknecht [foot soldier / land soldier]

SCA German Renaissance Research: Germans of the Holy Roman Empire in Artwork Landsknecht

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pm90052a.jpg (518×700)

Landskenct and Seamstress

Landsknecht Pikeman armor From the First Half of the Century by Jason Grimes In researching pikemen's armor there are several research approaches. One is to look at woodcuts or paintings to determine what kind of armor Landsknecht