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im proud to call this man one of my role models

I hate when people have hateful things to say about Dan, because usually they barely know him and misjudging him.

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I need to take this choice instead of letting bullies pull me down.

Dean Winchester, Eleven, Merlin and Sherlock.

Dean Winchester - Supernatural, The Doctor - Doctor Who, Merlin - Merlin, Sherlock Holmes - BBC Sherlock

I'm gonna do this. Let's make it a thing<<it really is kinda rude to keep it up when they're obviously uncomfortable with it. Kinda like the DESTIAL fans on jensens twitter.

Let's make it a thing<<yeah, I ship it, but if must be tiring for them so let's see if just for a month we can leave them alone

Okay I'm not even a Whovian but I would become one if this happened

Oh my god could this actually happen it would be amazing, the Doctor does always have young attractive companions

Yeah lol I could imagine this!!! And Dan's reaction: PHIL WTF DID YOU DO THAT FOR!!!

"what th- PHIL!" <<that is the best Dan impression I have ever heard and it wasn't even spoken out loud

I was about to add this to 'OTP' but then i realized XD


I was about to add this to 'OTP' but then i realized XD cough cough PHAN

I vote for spontaneously combusting<<< how about we make a a hashtag, like #phanreallyisreal, and make it trend on twitter

I vote for spontaneously combusting<---i vote for everyone in the phandom to be like "eh whatever" for a couple of days just to freak them out (mnm) XD

Tyler is my role model and I should liters to him more often. This quote is so true and it my huge issue.

Tyler Oakley: Gifts & Merchandise

My dad makes fun of Tyler, what they don't understand is that yes hes funny. Yea he may be gay, but he is also a real sweet caring person. I love Tyler because he's himself.

This is the best thing ever

This is the best thing ever<<Awe Phil said happy of July even though he doesn't celebrate it ❤️❤️

Phandom Problems - Google Search>>> me and my friends and a few other people walked around our school with cat whiskers on our faces

My friend and I were trying to escape the loudness of our peers at school, and I spontaneously reached out and drew cat whiskers on his face. And then drew cat whiskers on my own face and left it like that for the rest of the day.