"The Iron Giant" Goro Fujita

Goro Fujita Now this is one hell of a big robot, even the Iron Giant would look small i think.

theartofanimation:  Sethard  Thanks for posting this! I did this so long ago but it was super fun doing it!

Rust Giant by Miles Pierre! The Iron Giant Fan-Art Illustration.

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Iron Giant at Lake in Switzerland, Oliver Wetter

The Iron Giant by Nelson Daniel....BEST MOVIE EVER.... (I still have my Iron Giant toy that came with the VHS)

The Iron Giant - Nelson Daniel

El Gigante de Hierro por John Devlin.

Iron Giant art by John Devlin.

4 Tales of Giants, Gentle and Otherwise - Unbound Worlds

Giants are universally popular creatures in myth and religious. Just about every culture has a giant story or two, from the Bible’s Goliath to Paul Bunyan.

Artist Unknown

The Art Of Animation, Facundo Diaz

"Take it down T," the man commanded, and little T looked up at him, orange ringlets bouncing. "Take it down now." Her big eyes went even wider, and she slowly nodded, thinking hard. Then she lifted an arm. In a whir of metal and spindling plates, her arm transformed into a weapon. The explosion that came from her fist... It made T cry. But at least she was still human enough to.

It reminds me of an anime version of Batman+mecha’s haha ”

The Iron Giant

The Iron Giant: I loved the themes of being who you choose to be and the willing self-sacrifice. The Iron Giant by ~JohnDevlin

Iron Giant by pacman23.deviantart.com on @DeviantArt

The Iron Giant by Francisco Perez

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Чертовски круто рисует художник Якуб Розальски

The Art of Animation: Jakub Rozalski

Illustrator Spotlight: Alexandre “Zedig” Diboine - BOOOOOOOM! - CREATE * INSPIRE * COMMUNITY * ART * DESIGN * MUSIC * FILM * PHOTO * PROJECTS

Illustrator Spotlight: Alexandre “Zedig” Diboine

Robot Artist of the Week – Alexandre “Zedig” Diboine!


The Art Of Animation, Elise Hatheway …

Seongmin Park

Iron Giant & Alien, Seongmin Park on ArtStation

Still waiting. Also I just starting crying.... just me a second.

'Iron Giant: Winter' by Jason Edmiston