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Harry Potter necklaces-- I would wear any of these! I have the Time Turner. But there's also a random Mockingjay pin in there. Oh well, I'd wear that too.

watch harry potter bronze the death hallows necklace brass flower pocket watch vintage style chain charm locket necklace on Etsy, $0.20

Lemme ~upgrade~ you(r time turner). 17 Pieces Of Harry Potter Bling That Can Charm Even Muggles

26 Joyas de Harry Potter que todo MUGGLE querrá tener

Slytherin Inspired Short Necklace, Harry Potter Hogwarts Slytherin Necklace, Harry Potter Jewelry, Emerald Snake Necklace and other apparel, accessories and tre.

Tres objetos mágicos

The Elder Wand, The True Invisibility Cloak, and The Resurrection Stone. The Deathly Hallows created by Death himself.