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Doctor Cat - Doctor Cat has a poor sense of humor...this is a silly cartoon that always makes me giggle! Check it out at  doctorcatmd.com

Oh, Doctor Cat, that joke was in bad taste! Good luck avoiding pranks today, guys…or good luck tricking others! In case you missed it, we now have the actual Doctor Cat shirts in stock!

I'd like to see you do any better, Doctor Cat.

so judgemental!

Doctor Cat-this is so cute!

Doctor Cat-this is so cute!

The woes of being a doctor ... and a web dev and a cat.

Welcome to the new Doctor Cat website! I am still putting the finishing touches on the layout, so please bear with me! Anyway, new comics will be posted every Friday, yay. Oh, and you can like Doctor Cat on…↓ Read the rest of this entry.

succesful operation

The Tale of Doctor Cat!

A doctor who is also a cat. A cat who is also a doctor.

In times of trouble, bring out the mousey toy

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I don’t really plan to do another Doctor Cat story anytime soon, but I DO plan on announcing a brand new comic next week, so please stay tuned!

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Doctor Cat has a cheeseburger - Doctor Cat

Doctor Cat comic strip

Doctor Cat - comics about a cat who is also a doctor

Oh lawyer cat go to website doctorcatmd.com #cats#lawyer#doctor

Lawyer Cat has positive self-esteem - Doctor Cat

Doctor Cat 4

Doctor Cat is frickin' awesome

Doctor cat

Doctor Cat Part Doctor Cat is haunted by painful memories. Um, hello, you’re supposed to be operating.

Doctor Cat is soo cute

Doctor Cat is soo cute

doctor cat

Doctor Cat - Doctor Cat’s Exit

Doctor Cat 2 (http://doctorcatmd.com/2011-01-31/doctor-cat-2)

Doctor Cat Part Doctor Cat’s horrible secret is revealed, and a man’s lif… - Any Other Business Cat

Love Doctor Cat :)

Love Doctor Cat :)