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制作時間48時間!DIY組立式住宅「Mini House」

Jonas Wagell designed the Mini House - a Modern Prefab that is constructed in just two days

Jovem australiano com ajuda de amigos especialistas transformou um velho contentor de cargas numa fantástica casa de campo.  O trabalho que os jovens fizeram foi incrível, veja com os seus olhos o resultado final:

Jovem transforma velho contentor de carga numa incrível casa de campo

<h3><a href="">Gulf Islands Cabin in British Colombia</a></h3> Looking for a minimalist experience in the dense woods of the upper Northwest? The Gulf Islands Cabin by <a href="" target="_blank">Olson Kundig Architects</a> is a modernist dream with just enough Thoreau to have you waxing poetic in no time. The one room cabin enjoys…

6 Cozy Eco Cabins to Snuggle Up In This Fall

Olson Kundig’s Single-Room Gulf Islands Cabin is a Minimalist Retreat in British Columbia Gulf Islands Cabin-Olson Kundig Architects – Inhabitat - Sustainable Design Innovation, Eco Architecture, Green Building

This 191-square-foot cabin near Vancouver and its glass facades "forces you to engage with the bigger landscape," architect Tom Kundig says, but it seals up tight when its owner is away. The unfinished steel cladding slides over the windows, turning it into a protected bunker. Read the full story here.

Olson Kundig Houses by Diana Budds from First-Class Cabins

A quiet space away from the quiet space / Salt Spring Island Cabin by Olson Sundberg Kundig Allen Architects. 191 SF cabin with shower porch.

cabane de jardin en bois foncé de design minimaliste, grandes fenêtres et végétation copieuse

Cabane de jardin moderne et fonctionnelle plus de 25 photos

Ark Shelter Prefabricated Cabins                                                                                                                                                                                 More

Ark Shelter Prefabricated Cabins

Container House - Ark Shelter Prefabricated Cabins More Who Else Wants Simple Step-By-Step Plans To Design And Build A Container Home From Scratch?

light at the end of the path

Red Hill Residence by David Luck Architecture Red Hill Residence by David Luck Architecture – HomeDSGN, a daily source for inspiration and fresh ideas on interior design and home decoration.

Salt Spring Island Cabin - Olson Kundig Architects

Bachelors Retreat - Tom continues his streak of wining cabin designs, Chicken Point, Tye River and now the Salt Spring Cabin .

Habitat alternatif : ils veulent démocratiser la « tiny house » en France | Mr Mondialisation

This is the Escapade Tiny House on Wheels built by Baluchon Tiny Houses in France and you're welcome to come on in to take the full tour and learn more!

Abris extérieur

10 idées pour ranger le bois de chauffage

With burning bush hedge and forsythia in the back row -- woodshed.possibly needs bigger shed roof or tarp over the wood for wind the snow and sleet blows sideways.

+ Enjoy as many hours as possible outside ...

Wood Be Loved architectural detailing in stacked wood, warmth of an outdoor wood burning stove to be seated round discussing the world in natures garden

La mini casa de Alek Lisefski es todo un ejemplo a seguir | casa-trailer

Cansado de alquileres y viviendas carísimas, mira lo que hizo… pero mira dentro

He, his girlfriend Anjali and their dog Anya moved into the tiny house that he built. (I'm down for the tiny house movement but I would definitely double the size of this house. It's super cute but I need space so I don't feel closed in.

A trio of tiny cabins forms a seasonal vacation retreat in an old quarry. One cabin is the living/dining/kitchen pavilion, the other two are sleeping cabins. |

This is a tiny cabin trio by Go Logic in Vinalhaven, Maine and you're invited to come on in to learn more and take the full tour inside!

Cabane en bois habitable, micro studio et maisonnette mobile

cabane habitable en béton, bois et acier avec rangement pour le bois de chauffage

cabane habitable en béton, bois et acier avec rangement pour le bois de chauffage