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DIY Sock Blockers, The Return | Eskimimi Makes

Giant socks call for giant sock blockers, and because I think paying for plastic sock-forms is not for me I decided to call up my crafty side and make my own. A couple of years ago I came up w…

These cute crochet socks are adorable!  The spiral in the heel gives these socks a unique twist. This design is quite different than any other sock pattern that I have seen, as you begin at the heel!

Spiral Socks -free crochet pattern- (365 Crochet)

Ravelry: Spiral Socks pattern by Ooh I love it! free cosy simple makes for crochet month, great winter, Christmas gift fail safe make , grandma wants new house socks for mother's day

Ravelry: Cable Gusset Detail pattern by Nathan Taylor

Cable Gusset Detail pattern by Nathan Taylor

Ravelry: Cable Gusset Detail pattern by Nathan Taylor. Love this simole little cable incorporated into the gusset. Simple idea that could be used on lots of socks.

Ravelry: JennyF's Music to my eyes

Modicum Mitts pattern as inspiration. A Great way to use up odds and ends of sock yarn. Use a basic sock pattern (free in the shop!) and stripe away. Love the grey cuff and toes

do-it-yourself sock blockers

DIY sock blockers Sock blockers are one of those items in a knitter’s arsenal that are totally unnecessary, yet still for many of us, quite desirable. For me, it was not the item itself that had held an attraction,…