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Nami & Vivi

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Vivi x Nami Beautiful anime art


One piece - Garp Luffy Sanji

The Crossover Manga/Anime, Uzumaki Naruto (Naruto Shippuden) with Monkey D. Luffy (ONE PIECE)

[Spoiler] Naruto #700 Vs One Piece #766

[Spoiler] Naruto Vs One Piece -

OMG i totally ship them so  hard

One Piece. its almost like they're a deadly, yet cute team. Also, it was only Robin who has seen Zoro's softer side with the kids in Water 7 after the end of Enies Lobby war, AND kept it a secret! Robin knows Zoro more than anyone

In the anime they made robins boobs TOO big. Admit why did it have to be toei animation I would've loved it 1,000 times more if it was madhouse

One Piece, saga de Punk Hazard

Nami, Sanji, couple, glasses, combing, brushing, hair, comb; One Piece

One Piece Sanji et Nami

One Piece, Nefertari Vivi, Pell, Chaka

vivi by onepiece

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Zero defies all logic. He is sitting crossed legged over a train(?) on the fucking nose of it, while falling trough the air who knows how high, at who knows what speeds and is not fucking falling.

Nefertari Vivi & Nami - Alabasta

Nefertari Vivi & Nami - Alabasta

Luffy x Nami

Ending - Trust me - One piece : Luffy & Nami

Vivis grandioser Auftritt nach 2 Jahren *_* #ViviChan

Vivis grandioser Auftritt nach 2 Jahren *_* #ViviChan

Nefertari Vivi ~Love~

One Piece , Alabasta , Nefertari Vivi



One Piece and Linkin Park lyrics! This is awesome! Sad but still awesome!

One Piece and Linkin Park lyrics! Note: honestly one of the saddest parts of this story. He ran and fought so desperately and his brother still died. Makes me go a little misty sometimes when I watch it.

luffy x nami | Tumblr

Nami must feel really bad about what happened in The War of The Best.