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Illustration by artist  Takeo Takei

King Ramu-ramu Illustrations from the 1926 children's book King Ramu-ramu (ラムラム王), from 50 Watts fave Takeo Takei

Sébastien Pelon

Sébastien Pelon


Astrid Lindgren, Illustration Art, Illustrators, Authors, Childhood, Illustrator, Illustrations

Ayami Ito

Ayami Ito

I was beguiled by the top illustration enough here, to spend hours yesterday gleaning as much as I could of Ayami Ito's work, I am afraid a.

SALE Cat and Butterflies Picture: Cat Butterflies by ClaudinesArt

Cat Picture: Framed Cat Art, Gift, Cat Butterflies Drawing, Black Cat Picture, Children Gift, Framed Cat, Original Art, Moon Stars