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Saatchi Art Artist: Robert Doesburg; Oil 2011 Painting "zebra"

Art No Longer Available

Zebra - oil by ©Robert Doesburg (via Saatchi Online) Very nice layering. I like the blending of colors underneath working very well with the dark formations that make up the zebra.

Saatchi Online Artist: Robert Doesburg; Oil, 2009, Painting "Curly Hair"

I really like how the painting is composed of a lot of different squares. I also really like that each square has slightly different shades of the same colors. "gorgeous painting: Curly hair in bright colour by Robert Doesburg via paintings i love"

From Porto with love

"From Porto with Love" - Robert Doesburg inspired by Gustav Klimt

Robert Doesburg - Artist From Netherlands

The Art World directory of artists from The Netherlands features Dutch artist Robert Doesburg - Oil paintings and Softpastels by Robert Doesburg.

Robert Doesburg, 1945

Robert Doesburg, 1945

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