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Maryandpatch, DIY, tutorial

Maryandpatch, DIY, tutorial

How to bind a quilt using the quilt back

Binding a quilt with the quilt back

Border Quilting Designs | ... are three steps to constructing the Jagged Edge Quilt Border Pattern

Jagged Edge Quilt Border Pattern

TLC Home "Jagged Edge Quilt Border Pattern" (Continuous prairie point borde )r

Modelo de casaco com pregas sugerido por algumas seguidoras. Este casaco tem um corte elegante e arrojado.


Tips for using what thread for hand quilting..

JaneVille: Hand stitching - Matching the correct embroidery needle with your embroidery thread makes stitching a pleasure. Here's a handy chart to help you pair your long eyed embroidery needle with pearl cotton thread.

Like the top stitching and the fabrid they are wrapping from back to front to make the border.

Basic Baby Quilt Tutorial

Basic Baby Quilt Tutorial - machine quilting in straight lines with cheater backing material folded over for binding

DIY Fabric Envelopes Tutorial - these are kind of cute! Nice to have them in a box for a special kind of gift wrap. Make small ones in Christmas fabric for gift cards?

quilt label tutorial

Quilt label tutorial

I am busily putting the finishing touches on Christmas presents, including one quilt that needs a label before it can be given away. I thought I would share how I make my quilt labels.

Nifty little trick. use bobby pins to hold your binding in place while hand…

Bobby pins to hold your hemming or binding in place while hand stitching- easy to move and remove, no holes.