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Mystisches Mittelalter Kleid (no longer available)

Might be good for a Final Fantasy Black Mage costume :D Prunkvolles*Elben*Mittelalterkleid*Brokat*Gewand*Gothik

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There are some very modern looks in this list, but I like the first three, esp. 2 and as well as 5 which reminds me of a medieval hood over a jerkin.

Why, oh why do we not get to dress like this anymore?!  I know it isn't practical but it is oh so pretty!!

Love the idea of a sheer red cape like this over a more classic ivory or cream wedding gown. Also not opposed to a red wedding gown New! Gothic Sleeping Beauty or Medieval Fantasy Gown Custom

Marya Seaworth, the wife of Ser Davos Seaworth. Marya is the daughter of a carpenter. She married Davos Seaworth, who was a smuggler at the time. They had seven children together: Dale, Allard, Matthos, Maric, Devan, Stannis and Steffon. After the Siege of Storm's End which took place during Robert's Rebellion, Davos was knighted and received a keep and lands at Cape Wrath, which is where she now resides with their two youngest children while Davos is away at the service of Stannis…

[Dress in lace by Lily Blue Designs. Model: Michelle Magdalena Maddox Photographed by Lily Blue] beige stretch lace, asymmetrical serged seams, tattered flowing full-length gown, off-the-shoulder, fantasy or viking inspired