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World's Best Dad stages hilarious photos with his toddler.

World's best father. I am absolutely in love with this guy! He is, without a doubt, the most awesome dad EVER! When I have kids, I'll punish them if needed reading Twilight muahahahah!

Ghost Glove GGT006 Squeeze Tube-Invisible Barrier Film Glove, 6.75 fl oz

Ghost Glove GGT006 Squeeze Tube-Invisible Barrier Film Glove, 6.75 fl oz

Ghost Glove Squeeze Tube-Invisible Barrier Film Glove, ** Special product just for you. : home diy yard

For those looking to create their own lithophanes for a unique and custom gift, the new 'How to 3D Print a Photo: Lithophanes 10' Instructable gives perhaps one of the finest step-by-step tutorials that we’ve ever seen for getting started with creating your own 3D printed lithophane.

If you are looking for your next Printing Project, you need not look any further. printed photos, also known as Printed Lithophanes, are an extremely unique.

Every time there's a birthday or an event of any kind where I need to buy a gift, I'm always faced with the same problem.. "What should I get him/her?" and I can rarely find an idea that's worth mentioning.Since I bought a 3D printer, I always think that the best gift would be something personalized that I would 3D print, something that cannot be bought elsewhere and something that would make me proud to show off my printer's creations! And also, I wouldn't have to keep worrying ab...

Lithophanes: 3D Printing Your Photos!

Lithophanes: Printing Your Photos!

Pacific View (Phone case)

‘Pacific View’ iPhone Case/Skin by smallartsmedia