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Une suspension à boules

Pinterest : 20 façons design de suspendre des ampoules vintage

Tendance : la lampe baladeuse à pince - FrenchyFancy

Tendance : la lampe baladeuse à pince

HEKTAR Standleuchte, bronzefarben - bronzefarben

Möbel & Einrichtungsideen für dein Zuhause

HEKTAR Floor lamp IKEA The oversized lamp head gives both a good concentrated light for reading and good general light for smaller areas.

1:12 Octo Lampshade (Ceiling), dollhouse miniatur 3d printed

1:12 Lampshade (ceiling) see through

1 x Replica Secto octo Pendant Lamp Cage Ceiling Light plus Clear Lamp in Home & Garden, Lighting, Fans, Pendant Lighting

Suspension Duo design E. Gallina, grand modèle

Suspension Duo design E. Gallina, grand modèle

Suspension Duo design E. Gallina, grand modèle AM.


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The key to pulling off florals and still creating a chic home is knowing what works in your space. From greenery to stunning floral designs, there’s certain to be something that suits your particular abode. Here’s just about everything you need to know to use florals like a pro.

Floral Fever: How To Use Flowers In Your Home Decor Like A Pro

Selene - ClassiCon DE

REUTER Shop recommends: ClassiCon Selene pendant light 1 head ✓ with Best Price Guarantee.

Lovely to do with a consol glass jar for an outside light. Might have to seal off the metal with some paint to prevent rust (if living near the sea), although the rustiness could make it more appealing. #home #lighting #decor

16 Ways to Use Copper Piping Outside the Bathroom