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A brief exercise in creating a "bonsai-looking" potted plant from materials you can find on the discount aisle at the local home store.

(50) Pruning And Defoliating A Ficus Bonsai - YouTube

Pruning And Defoliating A Ficus Bonsai

Tirando estacas para bonsai

Desenvolvendo árvores a partir de estacas

The Basics of Bonsai, learn how to grow Bonsai for beginners - Bonsai Empire

Learn how to grow a Bonsai tree yourself! This step-by-step guide explains Bonsai care, cultivation and design.

Bonsai de ficus ginseng 3

Bonsai ficus ginseng

Ginseng Ficus: The Perfect Bonsai Tree for the Beginner

Old Ficus benjamina                                                                                                                                                                                 More

Ficus can handle pretty severe pruning, but can suffer die-back if pruned too aggressively. The Ficus Benjamina will bleed a milky white sap when pruned.