Concept Art Writing Prompt: The Witch's Son by Lauren Nichols

“ The Witch’s Son by Lauren Nichols ” I like this a lot. You always see things like the witch’s daughter. This is more interesting to me, since it’s rarely done!

Thinking about different countries being effected interesting possibility.

Look At These Paintings Cross-Eyed, And They Pop Into 3-D

Need some inspiration for the weekend? Check the beautiful concepts art made by Theo Prins, concept artist at ArenaNet See Also on IT'S ART : Guild Wars 2

I see this guy's paintings featured every so often on different sites and always click through to see who it is, only to realize it's that same person (Jon Foster).

Illustrations by Jon Foster

Museum of Thieves by Jon Foster

Museum of Thieves cover art by Jon Foster. Children enter a mysterious fantasy museum.

monochromatic background, color wheel birds/other object?

30 Painfully Talented Artists You Should Follow On Pixiv

Jacquetta de Soteria

Legend of the Cryptids by anotherwanderer female wizard witch soceress armor clothes clothing fashion player character npc