Paul has developed his own unique style, specialising in abstract and illustrative blackwork tattoos; being inspired by nature and the human condition.

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Second chance mates with the KING - READ: 2016AUG14. Really good story, unique in there was no kidnapping or call to were-war, and no unpleasant interaction with vampire. LOVED that. Needs some fleshing out, and some editing, though.

Second chance mates with the KING

Nagoul Abstract Canvas - The Wolf King - Wall Art Paintings on Canvas for Wall Decoration Modern Painting Wall Decor x

Con ojos amarillos

4 months 6 days I was awake, showered and sat in the armchair of the living area, sketching in my galaxy cover book but I cant say I was c…

200 Popular Pocket Watch Tattoo Designs & Meanings

200 Popular Pocket Watch Tattoo And Meanings (February 2018)

Very cool WOLF IDEAS!!!...

netloid visually arresting realistic tattoo portraits by valentina Visually Arresting Realistic Tattoo Portraits by Valentina Ryabova