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Looks like my clothes line last week, all the white sheets!  They smelled so good!

I can still smell our laundry hanging in the sunshine, bleached white, with blueing added for extra whiteness. I hear the squeak of the clothesline reel, the fluttering of the clothes in the breeze. Laundry was an all-day event. Ironing was on Tuesday.

My mama always used the clothesline--and I loved to help!   The hardest part was when the clothes were almost dry and we'd get an unexpected downpour!   We'd scurry outside to get the clothes off the line.. Especially if it was a school night and we needed them!   (dc)

i really like how the sheets have slight patterns on them- something to add texture but isnt overbearing.

Was just wishing the other day that I had a clothes line. Now one with mountains in the background in this place would be a dream come true!

laundry drying in the summer breeze. I've always wanted a clothes line. I actually LIKE hanging clothes outside to dry in the sun.

How I miss freshly laundered sheets dried in the sun and fresh air! Childhood longings.

washing clothesline - I love this, hanging right over the garden so the plants get the benefit of the humidity.

vintage iron & clothes pegs

Laundry pegs and iron. A Quaint Cottage. From: Only But A Glimpse, please visit

Fresh From The Line

laundry day and pretty PJs! you will like the clothes line board this gal has. Has aprons too.