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this poster really uses typographic density to create the illusion that the giant r has fallen with great weight into the rest of the type. there s density towards the bottom, ad mostly contrast in size at the top vs the middle letters.

23 affiches magnifiques qui fêtent la typographie avec style

I like how this poster has the different elements of size it makes it interesting and catches my eye. I could use this idea when creating my posters.

La compagnie de théâtre de rue Royal de luxe a présenté à Liverpool (Grande-Bretagne) L'Odyssée de la mer, un conte urbain mêlant histoire et onirisme, du vendredi 20 au dimanche 22 avril, dans le cadre de la commémoration du naufrage du Titanic il y a cent ans.

Les géants de Royal de Luxe (re)visitent Liverpool

Pict Warrior - Engraving by Theodore de Bry based on paintings by John White via LUCY CHEUNG

uncertaintimes: Pict Warrior - Engraving by Theodore de Bry’s based on paintings by John White via LUCY CHEUNG John White! I am very excitable about old prints.

Harris P. Mosher - Harvard Medical School 1929- crâne géant  conçu pour une exposition 1890.

[Mystère #101] Un crâne géant pour un cours d'anatomie à Havard

assbaka: “ deathandmysticism: “ Anatomist Harris Mosher with a teaching skull, ca. 1929 ” the teaching skull knows. the teaching skull is benevolent. thank you, teaching skull.

Image credit: Jean-Édouard Dargent

Amazing 19th-Century Illustrations of ‘The Divine Comedy’

/// Jean-Edouard Dargent - Illustrations from Dante’s Divine Comedy, 1870

France, Theatre, Decor Setting. By Robert Doisneau. S).

Jean-Marie Serreau stage "Amedee, or How to get rid of Ionesco" (George Lafaye, Decorator) 1961

Use type to create form, weight and texture

I like that this is a group of words that make up the wine glass. [Typographic Art :: The Library Bar by Jonathan Chessare, via Behance]

La vague avec baleine typo

Art Inspiration: Cruello - "Ocean Of Story" Illustration. This illustration really caught my eye because it is very unusual. I liked how the words are in different languages and different sizes. It helps to create depth.

lalatomtom:  (via Pin by Sheila Joubert on quips | Pinterest)

Great use of expressive typography. The “o” in this case gives us the “aw” sound when saying the word “drop” rather than a long o sound like the word “stove”.