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Pottery tools I have never encountered. Most potters are tools addicts. John Glick, a self-confessed tools junkie, had an amazing array of things used in his complex glaze applications.

The Best Pottery & Ceramic Tools Collections http://wuuzzz.com/pottery-tools-744

The Best Pottery & Ceramic Tools Collections

Almost everyone knows about Tools Used In Ceramics, whether it is a floor tile a ceramic tea strainer, kitchen wares, and ev

rollingpin - Someday (maybe…) I’ll have a slab-roller. For now, I make use with a cutting harp (a metal frame with an adjustable wire for cutting consistent slabs of clay) and this wonderful rolling pin (which I found on ebay). It comes with 3 sets of removable rings, which determine the thickness of the slabs of clay you roll. Kind of like using strips of wood, but easier and all is one piece! :-)

My favorite “non pottery” pottery tools

The other day, while I was doing my best to stay busy whilst waiting for my bowls to dry, I was pondering the question of pottery tools. Us potters have a lot of quite specialized and varied tools.

so many great ideas for ceramics. brayer-to-bond-the-clay-dowel-inside-for-support1

so many great ideas for ceramics. brayer-to-bond-the-clay-dowel-inside-for-support!

tools in harmony

tools in harmony