The bizarre, alien flamingo - beautifully strange.

"Flock of eight flamingos wading in water, Lake Nakuru, Kenya" Gallery Print by Panoramic Images

Rose ou flamand ?

Pink flamingos are born white. It takes about 3 years to turn pink which is due to their carotenoid rich food.

Resultado de imagen para flamencos rosados

Such funny looks by birds. Flamingos at Lake Nakuru, Kenya - Elegance by Antonio Jorge Nunes


Flamingo Facts: There are 19 bones in a flamingo’s long neck. It’s unusual beak and feathers are made of a tough substance called keratin. Did you know that the bend, halfway down the flamingo’s leg, is actually its ankle. - photo by Michael Doering

A baby Flamingo and it's mom looking down in love. I have never seen a baby Flamingo! So adorable with those long legs!