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An octopus with lanterns?! Is there anything better? He would be so much more useful navigating the depths of the ocean than any ordinary octopus..

This is the Walktopus, a bronze candle holder shaped like everyone’s favorite cephalopod. The gorgeous octo-light was sculpted by artist Scott Musgrove.

This can be used effectively in a group therapy format.  LizBirchTherapist.com

Creative Clinical Social Worker: Letting Go of Emotional Suffering- Mindfulness (DBT)

Here's a little Trivia about Beyonce's "Love Drought" video scene...The picture that you see below Beyonce's photo above is about the story of "Igbo Landing" - An act of mass resistance against slavery.  For those who dont know Igbo Landing is the location of a mass suicide of Igbo slaves that occurred in 1803 on St. Simons Island Georgia. As the story goes a group of Igbo slaves revolted and took control of their slave ship grounded it on an island and rather than submit to slavery…

blackandbrownlove: “ Here’s a little Trivia about Beyonce’s “Love Drought” video scene…The picture that you see below Beyonce’s photo above is about the story of “Igbo Landing” - An act of mass.

The Wolfman / Basil Gogos

Universal Pictures commissioned legendary American illustrator Basil Gogos to create a limited edition work for their film The Wolfman. This inch archival print on fine art paper has been hand-signed by artist Basil Gogos and star Benicio Del Toro.

Resultado de imagem para wicca rituais

Hooded figures, clouded skies Fires burn within their eyes Pentagram with baphomet midnight strikes Goat of menders lifts his head Summons up the living dead Virgin flesh lies tied and bound Hail Satanas!

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The Greenman  Cernunnos/Herne the Hunter... The Green Knight...By Artist Unknown...

The Legend of Sir Gawain & The Green Knight Sir Gawain was a knight of King Arthur’s round table and a cousin to the King himself. One day, a mysterious green man rode into the court wielding a.