Frozen sisters.

Who else cried during this movie? OH THE FEELS! And not to mention the end! I can totally relate to Elsa, being in the position of the older sister.

young Elsa & Anna

kemicolon: arkhane: Disney concept art: Young Elsa and Anna and Elsa from Frozen. Art by Jin Kim Holy shit the second to the left in the last to the bottom row is goddamn sex in a drawing (via cpt-s-america)

Little Elsa  Anna, Frozen. by aline

These sisters are Nina and Blaine. Nina is 5 and loves her sister. Blaine is 8 and loves ice skating.

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Elsa Rapunzel and -merida are the three "princesses" my personality is most alike.

Frozen~Anna&Elsa~Growing Up~ am I the only one bothered that Elsa is making awkward faces(except for the first one) in all of them, and then Anna has really cute faces?