Matthew Gray Gubler (from Criminal Minds)

Matthew Gray Gubler's Photo

Matthew Gray Gubler’s image on WhoSay - me and a really old fashioned giga pet

Matthew Grey Gubler  aka Dr. Spencer Reid  I didnt recognize him, not bad spence

Matthew Grey Gubler in Black Satin T-Shirt

Spencer Reid on Criminal Minds. My favorite character< agreed plus that tie-in in the phot about "black satin t-shirt" sounds like the start of a really good fantasy.

Picture: Matthew Gray Gubler in 'Criminal Minds.' Pic is in a photo gallery for 'Criminal Minds' featuring 116 pictures.

So, in conclusion, he is perfect. Matthew Gray Gubler Is The Nerd Of my Dreams

Henry and Reid. I'm obsessed with Criminal Minds!!!! <3

Matthew Gray Gubler hanging on set with AJ Cook's Son Mekhai Allan Andersen who plays Henry - Criminal Minds

Matthew Gray Gubler and Shemar Moore

Which Criminal Minds Character Are You?

these two are so funny! Matthew Gray Gubler and Shemar Moore aka Dr. Spencer Reid and Derek Morgan on Criminal Minds!

Faith In Humanity Restored 10 Pics

Faith In Humanity Restored 10 Pics

Freddie had no use for small, ordinary cats

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