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Too true. R.I.P. Tara

Sevina on

Sons of anarchy season 6 finale >>> I'll need therapy after the final season for sure!

I am sooooo scared of spiders!!! Terrified!

Charlie Hunnam aka Jax Teller very very very very afraid of him! Sons of Anarchy

Son's of Anarchy..want

Son's of Anarchy reference but not for me! My pup is Ajax, "jax" :)

Oh god!!!! Can't wait!!!! -- last season so I am going to enjoy every single second of it

Cannot wait for the final season. I'm incredibly sad it's ending.

We just watched Season 1: Episode 1 od Sons of Anarchy last night! I'm hooked! Jax's mom is a badass!

We just watched Season Episode 1 od Sons of Anarchy last night! Jax's mom is a badass!

My time

For 1 hour, Sons of Anarchy makes the inner badass bitch come out in me.

Tara   <3

Tara // Sons Of Anarchy -- talk about impressing the in laws :/ lol