VAS, keramik, Yondel, Ingrid Atterberg, Upsala-Ekeby, 1900-talets mitt.

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Louise Gelderblom

tall vessel with subtle contrasts between matte and shiny areas.


danish ceramicist inger rokkjaer

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Ingrid Atterberg (1920-2008)

Ingrid Atterberg (1920-2008)

Mari Simmulson; Glazed Ceramic Vase for Upsala Ekeby, 1950s.

A tall tapered vase with a beak mouth designed by Mari Simmulson for Upsala Ekeby. The glaze is a semi-matt brown with an applied "fingerprint" pattern.

The reasons for choosing this one are that it gives a lovely satin smooth surface that is perfect for tableware, it fires very reliably (so important), and the glaze from it has been popular. 28.01.13 | The Hopeful Potter Potash Feldspar 40, Whiting 20, China Clay 25, Flint 15. The oxide percentages that I added to get this blue are: 1% Nickel Oxide, 3% Cobalt Carbonate and 1% Copper Oxide Black.


GLAZE recipe: It is a simple and common recipe: Potash Feldspar Whiting China Clay Flint The oxide percentages that I added to get this blue are: Nickel Oxide, Cobalt Carbonate and Copper Oxide Black.