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Pledis doesn't feed them enough lol

Pledis doesn't feed them enough lol<< except for that one time when they feeded them God knows what before the fixed cam ver of Adore U

say the name SEVENTEEN

Chronic Renal Failure

seventeen desktop wallpaper tumblr - Google Search

seventeen desktop wallpaper tumblr - Google Search

I liiiiiive for Jeonghan's sass

I liiiiiive for Jeonghan's sass, but im sooo Joshua. I tend to drink water a lot

Meme Center | allkpop

Oh Coups. No more lies please. The evidence says it all 😂

Lol love that... "lmao bitch u thought"... no truer words spoke in the Kpop world...

LOL talking about 'lmao bitch you thought' XD so dead (I don't even know them though, but I can tell how true it is lol)

Savage Seventeen

True friendship is when you can diss each other like no tomorrow

Seventeen Junghan

Seventeen Junghan<<Bitch i remember when i first saw a picture of him at a fansite with a side braid, you have no idea how conflicted i was. that guy is prettier than my ass and probably could get laid 3000 times more than me by both girls and boys

This is pretty accurate! Who's next?

Yeah pretty much! 🤣🤣🤣 it's bc we carats know how to appreciate every member ❤️