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This Map of America’s Data Cables Could Help Make the Internet Fairer and More Secure | MIT Technology Review This map shows the long-haul fiber that carries Internet data around the United States. Red squares show where different cables connect, mostly in major population centers.

This Map of America’s Data Cables Could Help Make the Internet Fairer and More Secure

US fibre cable map. "This work is about how the US long-haul fiber infrastructure looks like, how resilient it is, how it impacts risks, and how we can improve it. Ram mentioned that no one has a complete view of the Internet at a physical level"

What an interesting idea. Dividing the states up into "states" that are based on population, not current lines...

What the U.S. map would look like if each state had the same population

The Electoral Reform Map redivides the fifty United States into 50 states of equal population. The 2010 Census records a population of for the United States, which this map divides into 50 states, each with a population of about

mapa da web

PIERRE LÉVY cria língua universal para WEB / frança

An Opte Project visualization of routing paths through a portion of the Internet, Wikipedia, Jan 2013


These screenshots and animations are simply intended to give a feel for what visualization and navigation in Walrus are like. The data shown are not necessarily meaningful in themselves.

99% of international data is transmitted by wires at the bottom of the ocean! Read about them here

10 Facts About the Internet's Undersea Cables

om3_002a.jpg (1063×842)

LC to LC duplex Aqua fiber jumper cable

Submarine Cable Map 2014

In its updated interactive map, TeleGeography has released a map charting every undersea cable that criss-crosses our planet keeping us all inter-connected through broadband.

LC-connector.jpg (665×382)

LC-connector.jpg (665×382)

Don't Go Back in Time - Infographics - DataViz

Commissioned News Story (Source: Technology Services Group) Do you ever just take a minute to think about how much better .

Pretty soon, these maps may be as dated as the Bing Crosby song

Mapping a White Christmas

Probability of a White Christmas, computed using snow depth observations for December for the FULL period of record for a given station (rather than just the climatological normals period).

Take a look at the global distribution of eight of the world's major religious groups.

The Majority of Religiously Unaffiliated Live In This One Country

Many religions heavily concentrated in one or two countries

SpaceX and Tesla Motors CEO Elon Musk has recently announced his latest ambition: launching 700 cheap satellites into Earth’s orbit to provide global internet access. [The Future of the Internet: http://futuristicshop.com/category/future_internet/]

Elon Musk’s Next Mission: Internet Satellites

Elon Musk is a pioneer of electric cars and cheap rockets. Now the Tesla and SpaceX founder is looking at ways to make smaller, less-expensive satellites that can deliver Internet access across the globe.

tia-942 data center standards - Pesquisa Google

tia-942 data center standards - Pesquisa Google

How to stop mass shootings? Maps speak louder than words.

Mass Shootings Maps Compare Gun Violence in the US to Australia

How to stop mass shootings? Maps speak louder than words.