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11 awesome infographics to help you get fit

11 awesome infographics to help you get fit

For the space-challenged, lovely vertical garden feature by sustainable garden design perth

Contemporary Garden and Vertical Garden Feature - contemporary - landscape - other metros - sustainable garden design perth

the sun'll come out, this weekend. Or at least tenps in the 50s.

the sun'll come out, this weekend.

God gives us his word to help soothe our spiritual aches but he also sends his word to heal our physical bodies. Here are just five verses that will help you during your journey towards healing.

The Lack of Gentle Platonic Touch in Men’s Lives is a Killer

Everything is awesome!

Everything is awesome!

bitterness, Hard to overcome bitterness and trust after people have lied to you so many times. Yes, It is, but, With God's help, we can overcome anything.  Here's some great ways to start

When dealing with a difficult injustice, going through this list daily will help you overcome bitterness. Double click image for a devotion that fills in the details on this list.


One day you find the person who can touch your heart with a smile, and genuine honesty. Trusting you with their fears, allowing you to once again hear the music. Even all the songs I'm writing are about you even if they start off about something else.

I will love u forever. My love isn't volatile,  selfish & controlling like the ones you've had. Mine is steady, strong & soft with so much room to grow. It's a shame you don't see that & yet one day I hope you do. I don't want to go away but have to. Know that I still love you and hope that one day you will be back in my life.

Don’t look for a pretty face it will will turn old one day. Don’t look for a soft skin, it will wrinkle one day. But Look for a loyal heart that will miss you every day and love you forever.