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Hiding in the City No. 92 — Temple of Heaven, Photo: courtesy of Eli Klein Fine Art, © Liu Bolin

It's safe to say that Liu Bolin is a modern-day magician. In 2007, his advanced camouflage art exploded onto the art scene as we were all left speechless, scratching our heads at how body paint could seamlessly blend a person into their background.

More Incredible Camouflage Art by Liu Bolin

The Invisible Man: Liu Bolin covers himself with paint to blend into his backgrounds.

'Hiding in New York No. 4 - Ground Zero'. Liu Bolin's "Lost in Art" exhibition @ Eli Klein Gallery is almost creepy.

liu bolin: lost in art at eli klein gallery

Liu Bolin, l'homme invisible

Liu Bolin: Hiding in the City – Sleeping Lion, 2012 (Courtesy of Eli Klein Fine Art)

Chinese artist Liu Bolin is pictured being painted to merge into the background of a magazine rack during a live performance for the latest in his series of 'Hiding In New York' photographs as part of his 'The Invisible Man' exhibition at Eli Klein Fine Art Gallery in New York City.

The invisible man: Liu Bolin's amazing camouflage artwork

The invisible man: Liu Bolin's amazing camouflage artwork - Telegraph

The other Venice

The other Venice

liu bolin galerie paris beijing

invisible man liu bolin at galerie paris beijing

Spring brings "Art Paris Art Fair", a show for design and art lovers

By the way...: L'homme invisible - Liu Bolin

The invisible man: Liu Bolin's amazing camouflage artwork - Telegraph

Liu Bolin l'homme invisible

Chinese artist Liu Bolin makes a bold statement by blending in. Termed “camouflage art,” Bolin’s most notable work to date, called Invisib

Climate change is not only a major issue for scientists and politicians but for artists as well. Here are ten examples of photographers and other visual artists who are challenging viewers to consider the dangers of inaction by capturing the effects of extreme weather and a warming world: (Photo by Liu Bolin)

Photographing Climate Change

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