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Archie and his Sharpedo

“ merry-pendletwin said: Do you seriously want drawing ideas for Archie? Because if you do I’d love to see him playing with his Sharpedo. ” archie playing pokemon amie and baby talking to his sharpedo.

Saturn from Team Galactic he has always been my favorite in Galactic

Saturn from Team Galactic ♡ I give good credit to whoever made this 👏

ϟ h o m e ϟ a s k ϟ s u b m i t ϟ p e r s o n a l ϟ w a t c h ϟ e m u l a t o r ϟ g a m e s ϟ n e w...

Pikachu (by つじ [Tsuji], Pixiv Id

Happy Saturn!!! - Team Galactic Saturn Lovers Photo (29024968 ...

Wallpaper and background photos of Happy Saturn! for fans of Team Galactic Saturn Lovers images.